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28 June 2013

A newly created app wins Platinum award at the Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2013

Women have an undying fascination for jewellery and they demand time, exclusivity and a range of variety to choose from before making the final purchase decision. This insight sparked the idea to create a destination that addressed this need by showcasing the entire range of jewellery on a device where women spend the most time on - mobile.

Late in 2012, Platinum Guild International created a mobile app for iOS and Android phones that gives users a virtual platinum store experience and directs them to authorised platinum retailers. With this mobile application consumers can not only browse through love bands, but also view the same on hand and in motion. They can save their favourite jewellery peices and share with frinds on social platforms for opinions and recommendations.

This mobile app was launched during the festive / wedding season when actively searching for design and trends in jewellery. The application generated over 30,000 downloads within three weeks of launch and has over 64,000 downloads to date.

Platinum Ring Finder app was also recognized by the industry and won a Gold for the Best Design and Navigation and a Platinum award - special jury award for work in the field of mobile at the Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2013.

To get started, download the app on your phone today.

For Android phones:

For iOS phones:

02 May 2013

Gold ETP holding witness records monthly fall in april

Gold Holdings in exchange - traded products (ETP) Plunged 174 tonnes last month , the bigest drop ever, as prices entered a bear markets and wiped $ 17.9 Billion from the value of the funds.

Gold Holdings  in exchange - traded  products (ETP) Plunged  174 tonnes last month , the bigest drop ever, as prices entered  a bear markets and  wiped  $ 17.9 Billion from the value  of the funds.
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