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Platinum Days of Love : Because you share what's rare

Falling in love is the most magical feeling, and more so if it happens when you are least expecting it. The day you discover this extraordinary emotion, is a day like no other – your Platinum Day of Love™

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Platinum Days of Love

“Our match was arranged, but when it all started to fall in place, when it felt right & when we felt ready to take that leap of faith – we knew what we shared was extremely beautiful and rare.”

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Parita & Bhavya

"Our day of love would be the day we shared what we felt for each other with our parents & asked for their blessings, we knew that moment on that we were inseparable."

Parita & Bhavya

Nakuul & Jankee

"If your love is strong & pure, it conquers all the weaknesses you have individually. We've known each other since we were 16 & 18, but the day we decided to get married was our Day of Love."

Nakuul & Jankee

Masoom & Shailin

"We sat down together & opened the card that held details of our wedding. This was our day of love. That's when I decided it would have to be remembered with Platinum."

Masoom & Shailin

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