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Planning and Budgeting

Platinum love bands helps evoke special memories of your Day of Love™ forever.

Your Platinum Love Bands will evoke special memories of your Day of Love forever - make sure you spend time making sure you get the right rings for you.

  • When budgeting for Platinum Love Bands™, it comes down to what you are comfortable. The price will depend on the weight of platinum and the inclusion of diamonds in your ring. Bear in mind that most couples do end up spending a little more than they originally intended.
  • Although both will be equally as precious, the man's band often has a higher value than the woman's band. This is simply because his ring will tend to be larger and require more platinum.
  • We recommended allowing at least 3 to 4 weeks to plan for you Platinum Love Bands™, allowing sufficient time and budget for any personalisation or adjustments to create your perfect bands."

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