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The Equals in Love Collection

Because what sets your love apart & makes it truly rare is that you believe in being EQUAL as partners. Sharing everything in equal measure, whether it's responsibilities, taking decisions, having opinions, gunning for each other’s ambitions/ success. You always meet each other halfway.

The Equals in Love Collection symbolizes this rare bond you share. From identical motifs, exact look-alikes to complementary designs, each pair of Platinum Love Bands is crafted to tell the story of your rare equal relationship.

What if you could share a romantic moment
under the stars on top of the Swiss Alps?

Whether its romance or adventure, you can win a travel experience that’s meant just for you
and your partner, on purchase from the Equals in Love Collection

Limited offer from
1st to 21st February.

Delights of Dubai
Parisian Showers
Dreamlike Switzerland
Gateway to Greece
Views of London
Tours of Thailand

View our #EqualsInLove films to see love that's
built on equality come alive.

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