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What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

White gold is not a naturally white metal. It is yellow gold alloyed with other metals to achieve a white look. The white colour is often further enhanced by plating the piece with rhodium. This plating could wear away, revealing the yellow-grey colour underneath.

Platinum on the other hand is a pure and naturally white precious metal which never wears away. It is more precious than gold, whether yellow or white.

Platinum jewellery is 95% pure platinum compared to 18k gold / white gold jewellery which is 75% pure gold.

You can tell the difference between platinum and white gold by their weight. Platinum is a dense metal and weighs 40% more than 18k white gold. Even a simple platinum wedding band is noticeably and reassuringly heavier than the same ring made of white gold.

How do I know if a piece of jewellery is really platinum?

Pt 950

Every piece of platinum jewellery, however small, carries the 'Pt 950' mark. It is your symbol of authenticity and signifies 95% purity (950 parts out of 1000).

Also, every piece of platinum jewellery has a unique identification number. The Quality Assurance Card that comes with your purchase of platinum jewellery carries this identification number along with the weight and purity of the piece.

To be sure what you have bought is genuine platinum:
  1. Insist on the Quality Assurance Card with every purchase of platinum jewellery. 
  2. Ensure that your platinum piece carries the Pt 950 mark.
  3. Make sure you purchase jewellery from a PGI authorised retailer.

What are the buy-back terms for platinum jewellery?

All PGI authorised retailers offer a buy-back on platinum jewellery. The buy-back terms depend on the respective stores' policy.

Please ask for the Quality Assurance Card for authentication. And also check for the 'Pt 950' mark and unique identification mark inscribed on each jewellery piece.

Can I wear platinum if I have sensitive skin?

Yes. Platinum jewellery, being at least 95% pure, is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

What is the purity of platinum jewellery?

Authentic platinum jewellery has purity of 95%. It is made of 95% pure platinum.

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