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Types of setting

The ring's setting, paired with the shape and cut of the centre gemstone, gives each ring its personality and style. A durable precious metal like platinum is ideal to firmly secure your diamond over years of daily wear so that it remains as the most precious symbol of your relationship.

Settings for central stones
Prong / Claw - a classic setting where the stone is visible from all sides for maximum brilliance. A classic choice that appeals to a wide variety of tastes.
Cathedral - the stone is held high by raised shoulders which help to protect it. Timeless, elegant, for a stylish woman who favours the traditional.
Bezel - the stone is framed in platinum, keeping it secure. Clean and modern, especially suited to someone with an active lifestyle.
Tension - pressure holds the stone firmly in place, allowing it to reflect maximum light. If she cherishes the unique, this bold look will be a favourite.

Settings for smaller stones used to add extra sparkle to a ring, pendant or bracelet.
Bar - a thin metal bar separates each stone but leaves the sides open to bring in the light.
Channel - stones are placed in a metal channel and are visible but not prominent, forming a continuous flow with no metal to separate them.
Flush - a low stress setting that secures small stones inside tiny holes.
Pavé - often used to create a sparkling look of diamonds, tiny metal beads hold each stone in its own discrete setting.

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