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Caring for your platinum jewellery

Will platinum jewelry scratch?

All precious metals scratch, and platinum is no exception. It is unique in that the metal is only displaced, not lost. Have your platinum jewellery polished if you are interested in maintaining a high shine. Look for an authorised platinum retailer for all adjustments, resizing, polishing and cleaning.

Where should I keep my platinum jewellery when I am not wearing it?

Store pieces separately, in a jewellery box or chamois bag so they don’t get scratched by other items.

How do I care for platinum jewellery?

Clean platinum in the same way you clean other fine jewellery to maintain its fine appearance and ensure that it lasts. Either use a mild solution of soap and warm water, and gently rub it with a soft cloth, or buy a jewellery cleaning solution.

Can I wear my platinum ring while doing manual work such as cleaning or gardening?

Remove your platinum jewelry when undertaking heavy work. It is also advisable not to handle bleach or harsh chemicals when wearing your jewellery. Although they won’t hurt the platinum, chemicals may discolor diamonds or gemstones.

How will my platinum ring look years from now?

All precious metals age with daily wear. Over time, platinum develops a rich finish, called a patina, but it doesn’t wear away. Many people prefer the patina look, but you can have your platinum jewellery polished if you would rather maintain a high shine. Look for a qualified jeweller or platinum-trained bench worker for all adjustments, resizing, polishing and cleaning.

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